Three original accessories for iPhone

With the help of smartphone incredibly useful accessories, you can expand the capabilities of the phone. You can turn it into a portable fan in the summer now, a printer or a film projector.

For those interested, here are some useful products that can transform the way you use your phone classic.

For those hot summer days too, this mini fan is a must.With templates for different types of Android phones and iPhone, this little USB fan will instantly cool.



If you do not have enough money (or space) for a large television, a projector may be a good alternative. It is enough to connect your computer and you can stream movies and shows, on a wall in the apartment or outdoors. But now you can do the same thing with the smartphone.



Polaroid instant cameras have rebuilt later this year and immediately became trendy. It is also interesting and easy to use. If Prynt Case accessory, enter the smartphone and press the shutter just as you do with a classic camera. Then, visualize and analyze images in application Prynt it, which is also full of filters and other opriuni editing. When you’re ready, press the print and the image will appear immediately. You can print 10 photos.