iOS 10 brings two major changes for Safari

In Safari for iOS 10 Apple plans to implement two changes very important that will radically improve the experience that users will have while browsing the internet, them having to do with how they are rendered animated images type GIF, and videos .

For starters, any animations type GIF, or video without sound, or the sound off, will be played automatically in web page after loading, Apple eliminating the need to press a button play to play these types of videos so that Safari users will see once the upload.

Change is very good because Safari for iOS 10 will display this content immediately and we will ask you to press play, so the experience of using the browser will be smoother and with fewer interactions unnecessary from users to see content .

Separately, Apple has changed and how they are played videos with sound and autoplay active, they are not automatically played when loading pages, so any kind of advertisements or reports of websites news will not start running immediately after loading but will require manual startup.

Starting with iOS 10 Webkit relaxes policies and inline video playback through autoplay, making their use easier, but without affecting data and energy consumption. We believe that these changes transform video clips into a tool more useful for creating modern websites without increasing energy consumption data and the smartphone.

This second change is extremely useful because we will not be forced to see or listen to videos unwanted posts news websites, most of them anyway restoring commercials started, so Apple put a new nail in the coffin advertising- online community.

Of course these two changes por gone by when iOS 10 will be released, but I think that this is unlikely to happen because in Cupertino definitely are a lot of people unhappy with videos that start in single web- links and generates very high data consumption for users.