Installous Alternatives iOS 9.3.3

One of the best thing that ever happened to iDevices, like iPhone, iPad or iPod is Jailbreaking. If you jailbreak your iDevice you have the possibility to install third party apps and packages that Apple won’t ever approve. With this alternative you can install known apps for free thru packages or distribution platforms. A famous used platform was Installous which was closed and users were left to find other replacement platforms.

Today, August 3rd, I shall present my list of install substitutes:

1. Appcake – in terms of usage is the closest to Installous you won’t encounter problems finding your way in this app. You need to install iDevice AppSync available in repo. To install AppCake you must add the next repo to Cydia


2. Hipstore – is an interface for that lets you browse, find, download and install your apps. Adding this repo into Cydia will get you the platform. It also can offer you informations like New updates, Featured apps. Remember that Hipstore is AppSync dependent.


3. vShare – comparable to Installous in terms of means. This gives you the opportunity to install any app with just one click. Like the two above vShare is dependent on AppSync. If you want to install it add the repo


Despite the fact that is AppSync dependent, the powerful search engine can find indexed ipa files. Follow the instructions on and the installation should run smoothly.


The platform can run on devices that are jailbroken and non-jailbroken. If you have an non-jailbroken device it requires that you have an apple developer account. The jailbroken devices run as other platforms where you can install any type of app and also unsigned ipa files.

To add a repository to Cydia just follow these simple steps.

4. iFanbux – this platform can truthfully replace the Installous. Best thing: helps you transfer files on iOS device on Mac and Windows, you can install IPA files and cracked apps straight on iPhone device. After the closing of Installous, the credibility of iFanbux really grew.

To add iFanbux, in Cydia tap Manage – Source – Edit – Add. Input your desired repo and hit Add Source

All though today is the launch date for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 S in short time we will see them jailbroken and having Installous alternatives.


Hipstore Repo in Cydia Copy and Install- Download and Install Hipstore Repo in Cydia

Right now Hipstore Repo it is one of the greatest alternatives from Installous. It has a better name than other applications such as Cydia, also AppCake, vShare, Panda App, Kuaiying etc. If you like and want to have free application on your iOS device you have to know how to download Hipstore because in this way you can benefit from a serious number of application from the Apps store without any costs.

Hipstore works properly on any device that has iOS like: iPhone 6s/6s Plus, iPhone 6/6 Plus, iPhone 5s/5c, and the last but not least the iPad Air 2 and iPad Air. Its runs also on  iOS 7, iOS 8 and on the newest iOS 9 also.


What means the name Hipstore Repo?

In these days so many persons have the desire to install .IPA file on their Apple Device, without any process that includes jailbreak, and Hipstore is the salvation for them and us. It is the only one with whom you can copy and install huge list of .IPA file from iOS from the latest and the newest version. If you want to have a lot of applications on your device, you have to add Hipstore on your phone without jailbreaking. If you want to download pandaapp and install it is quite easy compared to Hipstore.


The steps to copy and install Hipstore Repo in Cydia

Step 1: in the first place you need to jailbreak your iOS device. This happens because Hipstore installs cracked applications.

Please realize that when you use jailbreak your phone will void your warranty, and if you wish to use it you have to unjailbreak your device.

Step 2: when you use the jailbreak, you should have also installed the application Cydia on your phone. After you have done this you have to copy and install AppSync. To do this just open the application Cydia and go to Manage Sources.

Now type the address:

One click on the Add Sources button

Choose the AppSync 8.0 for iOS 8 and AppSync 9.0 for iOS 9 and tap to install it.

Step 3: turn back to step 2 and redo it. To download Hipstore you should type the address on the result and install it. Now use your application and you will fall in love with her.

If you want application without paying anything you can’t have it with Hipstore.

Open the program Hipstore, search from the menu button what do you need and just click it. But you can install these applications for free trial. But if you want to use any of these applications you installed for free you have to buy it, to be thankful for the knowledge of the scientists’ who had made these applications.

Recently popularity of Pandaapp has grown to be a strong one if you want to compare it to Hipstore.

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